In September, we donated our second Amtryke to Vincent Hutton! Look at him go!!!
The Sertoma Club of Venice has taken on providing tricycles for special-needs children in the area. In September, we were honored to donate our second Amtryke to, Vincent Hutton, a middle schooler at Oak Park School. The first was donated to fellow Oak Park student, KC Curtis in April 2023. Each bike can be tailored to the recipient's disability, to develop motor skills and strength. Each trike is assembled for free by Mitch Dauria, of Big Bam Bikes. 
The Amtryke program was started by Mick Gardner and developed for children, 18 years old and younger, who are living with the challenges of disabilities which affect their motor skills and strength. Our objective is to provide Amtrykes to those children whose families cannot afford to obtain one without our assistance. The positive outlook of the children is always inspiring and we are motivated y the love and caring of the families who are committed to giving their children every opportunity to improve their prospects for enhanced health and overall quality of life. 
We are dependent on physical and occupational therapists to identify children who will benefit from our project and this guide will help these therapists to initiate the application process for obtaining an Amtryke therapeutic tricycle. Information about the Amtryke tricycles we provide can be seen at the following website, 
Prior to preparing an application, please contact Mick Gardner at Amtryke@Scapv.Org and provide the following information to help us determine the child's eligibility:
  • Child's first name (do not include last name)
  • Age
  • Diagnosis
  • Child's school or community of residence (not address)