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Founded as the "Stand Together Club" in 1912 in Kansas City, MO, Sertoma (SERvice TO MAnkind) is the third oldest service organization. Our name was changed to "Cooperative" Clubs and finally to "Sertoma" in 1950. Our motto is "Make Life Worthwhile." The first non-U.S. Sertoma Club was chartered in Windsor, Ontario in 1946. The first Mexico Club was chartered in Mexico City in 1956. The Sertoma Foundation was founded in 1960 to raise money for Sertoma's Charitable programs. The Foundation's Endowment has more than $10 million today. Women, who were welcomed as members of Sertoma in 1985, comprise about one-third of our current membership. 
Sertoma's main focus is helping children with speech and hearing impairments, but also sponsor projects that promote freedom and democracy, youth causes and any other local community needs identified by clubs. Sertomans hold fundraisers to support these service programs. Each year, Sertoma Clubs raise and return more than $20 million for community projects.
The highest honor Sertoma bestows on a non member is the Service to Mankind Award recognizing outstanding volunteer community service. Each club selects a winner, who competes with other Clubs' winners at the District, Regional and International levels. The top winner is announced at the International Convention.